If Money in the Bank doesn’t end with McMahon and Punk standing tall together, I’ll eat my hat.

Considering the man is vlogging now, I’m going to hold him to this.

Ha! Little do you know I have a sombrero made of ground beef.

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crimsonmasked said: Good sir Baconhill! I bring good tidings and a question: Who is your favorite performer who debuted between 2000 to the present?

Awesome Kong/Amazing Kong/Kharma, and to be honest, it’s not close. Her “Bimbo brawl” match against Gail Kim (Kim’s last match in TNA) is—without any qualifiers—one of the best matches I’ve ever seen.


Wrestling in the Blood: How a Phony Facebook Holiday Reminded Me Why I Love This Stuff

You’re going to roll your eyes when I tell you this, but Dayton, Ohio, was a wrestling town.

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